de shobha, what? brickbats!

There is so much ruckus and furore about Shobha De. why? I am not surprised . She has done what she is best at . Divide and rule , break relationships, break marriages is her forte and undoubtedly she writes about them so well as an expert. This time she has extended her arms to politics from man woman relationships. she wants to break people, divide them, divide the city and separate Mumbai.
Shobha De is not an enigma. For a upper middle class Maharashtrian Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Rajyadhyaksha girl who grew up in Mumbai’s South Bombay studied in Queen Mary school Grant Road surrounded by civil servants and highly placed police officials in her family has grown up as a very ambitious girl. Her books reflect all that. As we all know she became a model , first Editor of Stardust, Society, Celebrity magazines she gave the world ‘juicy ‘ stories about Bollywood. In other words she was instrumental in introducing ”yellow journalism .” She has been jaundiced and thus she has always seen the world yellow . Her books maybe called Modern literature , popular literature and also prescribed by the University of Mumbai for PG students is yet another maverick marketing move of hers with her best friend David Davidar earlier with Penguins. In her personal life she has been divorced to Khilachand and its strongly alleged she was instrumental in breaking Dilip De’s first marriage with the research scholar Rita De. As to how Rita died is a mystery? It exists in police records as an accident but residents of Cuffe Parade’s Maker Towers and surrounding areas , neighbours and close friends of De all know as to how this case was allegedly hushed up as it was also alleged to be a suicide. It’s an old story . But Shobha was soon found celebrating Rita’s death on the private yacht of De sailing to Mandwa on his farm house. Ironicially and interestingly Dilip De’s Ranadip Shipping agents for Sea Land shipping since then has been a sinking ship after Sea Land severed all their business connections. Shobha De by then had emerged a socialite , celebrity Page 3 on the network as that was the only hope for De and company to extend their business connections. De parties have had been always lavish . Some top leading journalists like Olga Tellis , cricketer Sunil Gavaskar and late Gautam Rajyadhayksha were regulars at all their dos. Shobha was and is undoubtedly recognised as a very creative host. Thanks to Dilip and Khilachand and her occupation Shobha has always been hobnobbing with rich and the famous. With her stint as writer on television she survived her Bollywood connections well. She has been recognised as one of those writers, bloggers , opinion makers , influencers that every PR agency worth its salt would love and crave to be in her good books.
Shobha De is just not an elitist bimbette. Fashionable , diva, socilaite whatever way you would like to describe her. She is much more than that. She is a mindset, she represents a class and her thinking often is driven in the interest of the ruling classes. She knows and understands powers and its equations. Thus the statements she makes are more dangerous which have roots in some strategy and thinking thats going in the background. A Girgaum connection girl born in the late 40s cannot be ignorant of the Samyukta Maharashtra movement especially given her background. I am much younger than her. But as a child I lived my infant years in Girgaum. I still remember my uncles and others talking about Bandu Gokhale and their other friends who were shot by Moraraji and the story of Hutatma Chowk. Every single Maharashtrian household knows this struggle and Shobha De doesnt?This cant be true thus there is more than meets the eye. Now whats De ‘s hidden agenda needs to be scooped. Media needs to find this out in larger interests. What De is speaking is the mouth piece of the business class of mumbai. De knows ”Shetjis” well. Her book is a testimony o this fact. so who are these shetjis?from where are these guys coming from which states or are the the richie rich Ambanis who desire their children to live in mumbai as they would have lived in singapore or Europe? The plan is sinister. This has been obviously hatched not at a cocktail party but closed doors not in Mandwa but in some swanky european resort. De loves all that. De comments should not be treated lightly . Its coming at a time when the elections are round the corner. Political polarisation is happening. and what best – tried and tested weapon Divide and Rule can be used . Shobha De according to me should be charged with sedition , arousing people on emotions to fight against each other. She should go behind bars. This thought should be nipped in the bud. This may be a distant dream . But isnt there any provision in the law to file a public litigation case against her . she has caused enough damage to destroy the mindset and the healthy fabric of this society for long. would the MANASE and the Sena and all those who love Mumbai to be a part of Maharashtra come on streets to protest against this De’s slogan? time alone will tell . But its time to write history and not just wait and watch and read later.


‘Mera man dola’

I don’t intend to do a detailed review of the film professionally as I am not paid for it. It truly  doen’t matter how many stars it has won nor did it help me to watch the film. But certainy Pankaj Kapur hats off to you I don’t know about Matru and his Bijlee but mera man definitely dola……… would you classify this film .in which genre?is it a comedy or like any other masala film..  art vs commercial cinema debate  is dead so is meaningful cinema. But MKBMD strikes a chord somewhere. Some say its for multiplex audiences a new commercial term for erstwhile art cinema..not for masses but for classes sounds clichéd..I think MKBMD breaks all these intellectual barriers. You laugh with a purpose.  Anti alcohol message is subtle not didactic. Campaign against smoking is more didactic and hammered in the beginning and interval.  Dialogues laced with bit of leftism, Mao Ste Tung, Red flag etc etc suggest Red Flag exists and kisan movement can bear fruit .Overt naxalism is not portrayed. Its fashionable today to either wear or hang a Che Guevera poster so Matru does stick one in his house.  Commi bastard and bourgeois bitch dialogues did intrigue some yuppies. A young professional (I presume) with high disposable income carrying all the modern gadgetry in the best of branded outfit sitting next to me asked her friend what does bourgeois bitch mean. Probably she has just heard the adjective bitch used very often in a derogatory way and now one more qualifier to the bitch was confusing.  Delhi , JNU , Commi these references I presume Vishal Bhardwaj expected his audience to be aware but the fact is to the contrary. The multiplex audience not all but most of them I presume are more familiar with terms like ‘’customer engagement’’ etc . Market driven economy prides itself using  these terms so Vishal did bowl some bouncers . anyway .. The star , super star of the filmn is Pankaj Kapur. He gets into the teeth of the character and shows what an actor par excellence can do . What one needs to wait and watch would be the awards for 2013 to be given next year. Its predictble and not surprising that he would win all of them. But would he get it as the ‘’hero’’ or   ‘’male lead’’ or as supporting cast?. The truth is others support him in the film.If he wins as the lead role player then he would redefine the status of the hero in Hindi cinema and that’s what would be Vishal’s best victory…so Harry Mandola you have given birth to a new star………

Why give colour to colours?

Colourful thought! Colours of Joy!
Colours are probably one of the most wonderful gifts of nature. Colours bring joy, enliven spirits add vigour, intensity, brightness, warmth, sensitivity, serenity, calmness, probably every emotion has a colour associated with it. What’s intriguing is why and when colours got hijacked and became a monopoly of either a community, thought, religion, nation and gathered emotion to divide people.
I distinctly remember one painting by artist Rekha Rao which was displayed during communal harmony and peace exibition some years ago. King Shivaji’s portrait was painted in saffron. A beautiful caption said it all.. ‘’Don’t paint Shivaji with particular colour ‘’.simple thought why give Shivaji a saffron colour and hence monopolise him by handful people or political party or region or religion. Shivaji is much much higher on a pedestal where those who monopolise him today would probably need several life times to reach there.
The other day I thought of purchasing a kurta green in colour..reflexly my friend who was acoompanying me said ”Oh have you changed your religion?’ very innocuosly we also add a community name to it or or in a derogatory way say ”so have you become a Paki?” I always wonder why Green is always associated with particular community and religion. Green is also on the national flag of India. Ask a child what does Green denote and ask his father or mother the same question?
Colour of blood is Red they say but even today several associate it with only communists. Yes their flag is Red so what? Just think how colour has acquired a conotation….simple science taught us in school how do we perceive colour thats it so simple a scientific function of the eye….also colour choice is also so personal. Black maybe a bad omen but there are several countries in the world who consider it auspicious. Talk to any Iranian friend and ask him what happens when a black cat passes your way. infact some short film makers have even used this as a symbol in their cinema. so the world is one we are global so lets perceive colours globally enjoy their being Let them JUST BE.